Colors & Finishes

Our best value and semi-custom cabinetry.

The finishing systems used on our products are designed to ensure the beauty and durability of our cabinetry. State-of-the-art equipment allows precise sanding, filling and finish coverage of each of our products.

Resilient Finishing Systems

To protect wood doors and face frames: An extremely sophisticated coating is used to offer durability, ease of cleaning and water resistance. A combination of mechanical systems are used to bring out the richness, luster and natural grain definition of the wood, as well as computerized automation to ensure color consistency and surface smoothness. This is a rigorous multi-step process that includes sanding, brushing, cleaning, stain application, computerized oven drying and a catalyzed topcoat to protect and beautify cabinets for years to come.

To protect the interior and exterior

An environmentally responsible multi-step panel finishing system begins with three sanding operations followed by a top and bottom brush cleaning to provide a smooth surface for material adhesion and protect against scratching, fading and moisture.

Allow Cabinets to Age Beautifully

Our cabinetry represents the careful selection of woods. While every effort is made to match wood grain as closely as possible, no two pieces of wood are exactly alike, even from the same tree. These differences in natural color and grain mean that each piece will respond differently to the finishing materials used. For example, close-grained woods absorb less and will vary in color from more open-grained pieces from the very same tree. It is these variations that contribute to the beauty and distinction of quality wood products.

Exposure to sunlight, smoke and chemicals may cause some materials to fade or vary from their original color over time. This is why cabinets, doors, drawer fronts and accessories added at a later date may not exactly match cabinets installed now. For the same reasons, door samples or displays may not represent the exact color of cabinets received at the time of shipment. All cleaning agent instructions should also be carefully reviewed before application. Due to changes that occur from natural and environmental factors a cabinet is exposed to over its lifetime, we cannot be responsible for variations that occur in the finish of cabinets as they age.


Cherry Finishes


The finish is spiced golden color that brings out the depth of the wood’s texture and character. Its inviting hue can create a range of looks. Whether you create a relaxed, warm feeling or a bolder statement with contrasting details, it’s all style.


This is an intensely dark finish with a full-bodied depth of character. Its sumptuous expressiveness, with underlying hints of garnet, makes it an appropriate choice to add drama and panache.


This finish is influenced by a deep claret hue. The warm confident look of this finish can be complemented with opulent details for a refined look or find balance with more understated styling.


This deep, dark finish with rich tones is a great choice for creating many unique styles. From a dramatic contemporary feeling to a sophisticated farmhouse look, this finish is the perfect choice for any living space.


This finish is a medium-dark cinnamon. It will warm a cold space and lend an air of intimate coziness to your home.


Maple Finishes

Auburn Glaze

Features a deep brown glaze over Cognac stain that settles into recesses, corners and grooves to create a dramatic contrast between the glazed and unglazed surfaces.


Medium-rich brandy color with subtle notes of deep red. This finish drenches a room in sophistication and can be classically styled or adopt a modern dress.


This rich, dark finish is a luxurious sable color and is often the backdrop of upscale décor. It is especially useful in rooms where drama is the desired effect.

Mocha Glaze

The medium-toned Spice stain is accompanied by a dark-brown glaze that adds rich contrast where panels and moldings meet. This classic finish is comfortable in the company of corbels and decorative accents.


The transparency of this finish over natural maple wood allows its lovely grain to be on display. This maple has an almost peachy glow about it and is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of natural elements.


This finish imparts a warm lighter tone to natural maple wood without diminishing the texture of its beautiful grain. Its golden hues lend harmony and balance to any room for a feeling that’s very inviting.


This medium brown is the color of lightly toasted almonds—nutritious styling for any living space. Works well for virtually any style of décor.


The cocoa warmth of this elegant finish creates a living space that’s welcoming and sophisticated. Complement with monochromatic or high-contrast elements to achieve different looks.


Oak Finishes


This golden, medium-toned finish brings out the texture of the grain. Look to this strong hardwood, tempered by soothing amber overtones, to help create that comfortable feeling of home.


This medium russet finish accentuates oak’s contrasting grain pattern. There’s a down-to-earth, easy air to this finish and wood. This is the finish to use for a truly American craftsman charm and other natural styles.


Painted Finishes


This dark grey finish makes a dramatic statement for many living space styles. Its strong tones and clean finish are the perfect backdrop for colorful contrasting elements or more neutral accents.

Ember Glaze

A deep taupe glaze warms our Harbor door’s painted finish. The glaze collects in the bevels and contours of the door cut to create a unique hand-finished artistic feeling. It can be dressed up or down depending on one’s taste.


This refined, cool grey, created in a lighter painted finish, serves as the perfect backdrop for many different looks and styles. Its neutral tone lets designers work with accents of color or create a refined monochromatic feel.

Hazelnut Glaze

A warm, sandy-blonde finish composed of a dark hand-applied glaze that pools in seams and panel edges of Painted Silk finished doors, offering a patina that adds character to any space. No two doors are identical.


A crisp, clean, ivory color that can create an open, fresh space and, when styled with monochromatic tones, can feel very sophisticated.

Pewter Glaze

This warm grey glaze applied over our Painted Linen door creates an intriguing depth and air of sophistication. The character of this glaze is quite versatile making it a great choice for the creation of many unique styles.


This hushed, silky finish, in hues reminiscent of vanilla ice cream, serves as a versatile choice for any living space. With inspired hardware, furnishings and décor, this choice is anything but vanilla.


A warm, medium-grey finish that is the perfect canvas for setting a range of moods. Whether paired with colorful accents or monochromatic tones, it is sure to create a stylish space.


Duraform Finishes


With subtle striations of white and neutral tones, this textured finish makes a beautiful statement. This door style sits on a Painted Linen cabinet box and exudes a sense of style and grace, and works well for the creation of many unique styles.


This rich, deep-textured door style sits on a Maple Espresso cabinet box and creates a dramatic look that will last for years to come. This textured door style with its rich contrast serves as the perfect backdrop for kitchens, baths or any other living space.


With a remarkable likeness to a faded driftwood texture, this manufactured door panel looks naturally amazing. Placed on a Painted Harbor cabinet box, this textured door with its ridges and grooves, captures the look of natural driftwood and can enhance any space in your home.


A crisp clean, light color that can create an open, fresh space and, when styled with monochromatic tones, can feel very sophisticated.


Muted, adaptable and refined. Our Silk finish plays well with other colors and comes across as soft as the fabric it’s named for.


Understated elegance shines through in this warm, medium-gray finish. Pair it with colorful accents or monochromatic tones for a refined look.