Colors & Finishes

Our semi-custom cabinet.

12-Step Finishing Process

  1. Wood Selection
    The selection of the finest woods is the essential first steps of the 12-step finishing process.
  2. Sanded to Perfection
    Our sanding utilizes a fine grit paper, both with and against the wood grain. This process is completed on a vacuum table, allowing for a wood surface that is free of dust particles.
  3. Achieving Natural Wood Tone
    Toner is applied to selected finishes, enhancing the naturalistic wood appearance.
  4. Stain Application
    A hand-sprayed deep saturating stain is evenly applied to all surfaces for even coverage on all profiles.
  5. Removal of Excess Stain
    The wood is hand-wiped to remove excess stain, emphasizing the cabinet’s natural wood grain.
  6. Catalyzed Sealer
    A tough, clear, catalyzed sealer is a hand-sprayed on to protect the grain from moisture.
  7. Drying Process
    For added durability, the sealed wood is oven cured to lock in the beauty of wood.
  8. Hand-Sanded
    To achieve an ultra-smooth finish, we hand-sand the material one last time.
  9. Dust Removal
    The resulting loose dust particles are removed from the surface of the wood.
  10. Catalyzed Top Coat
    A premium quality catalyzed top coat is applied to protect the wood from environmental elements.
  11. Final Top Coat Cure
    The top coat is cured for a strong, beautiful finish.
  12. Final Inspection
    A very thorough last inspection, ensuring quality and beauty. Our gift to you is that every cabinet is crafted with care.


Characteristics of Glazing/Paint

Characteristics of Glazing
A professional glaze can add another layer of beauty to your cabinets. The glazing is applied by hand, adding depth dimension and an understated sheen that’s guarantee to endure.

What to expect from glazed cabinetry..

  • You should expect the result to yield a subtle to dramatic look based on the complexity of a cabinet door’s design, as glazing may collect in the corners and grooves.
  • Printed materials and online, electronic presentations can only do so much. It’s important to both see and touch actual finished samples to ensure your satisfaction.

Characteristics of Paint
Paint may develop hairline cracks in the finish, most notable around the joints. This is a result of natural expansion and contraction of the genuine hardwoods used in the manufacturing of this product. Hairline cracks are not considered a defect in the cabinetry or finish.