Wood Details

Our semi-custom cabinet.

Wood Characteristics

No matter which species you choose for your new kitchen or bath cabinetry, please keep in mind that no two pieces of wood are exactly the same. Stains are likely to exaggerate the difference between open and closed grains and other markings in wood. Grain variation and color change should be expected. As hardwood ages, it will darken when exposed to different types of light. Color differences of changes in wood can also be caused by exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme heat or moisture. Additionally, wood species exhibit other defining characteristics, such as mineral deposits/streaks, knots, sap runs, pin holes and wormholes. These markings make the wood unique and contribute to its enduring beauty.

Hardwoods are dense, even-textured and have a smooth surface for finishing. Highlighting the natural beauty of wood, wood graind and natural characteristics will show through stain colors.


Painted finishes combine hardwoods and engineered materials including solid-wood, engineered materials — such as medium density fiberboard (MDF) and high density fiberboard (HDF) — and similar composite materials providing a smoother surface for painting and superior stability, consistency and durability.


Maple is a close-grained hardwood that is predominately white to creamy-white in color, with occasional reddish-brown tones. While maple typically features uniform graining as compared to other wood species, characteristic markings may include fine brown lines, wavy or curly graining, bird perks and mineral streaks. These traits are natural and server to enhance maple’s natural beauty.


Cherry is characterized by its red undertones, but may vary in color from white to a deep, rich brown. Cherry is a close-grained wood with fairly uniform texture, revealing pin knots and curly graining. All wood will age with time and the finish will darken. This is especially true for cherry. This is a sought-after quality in cherry cabinetry, and those who select it expect this evolution.


Oak is a strong, open-grained hardwood that ranges in color from white to pink and reddish tones. Streaks of green, yellow and even black may appear due to mineral deposits. Oak may also contain wormholes and wild, varying grain patterns. This distinct graining is considered a desirable quality.


PureStyle is the process of wrapping durable laminate materials around door frames and a surface that provides abrasion resistance. PureStyle products are wrapped and has a clear, integrated top coat for superior durability. The lineals and core panel material are made for MDF to ensure a consistent and stable product.

These doors offer the durability of a laminate and the beauty of paint and finished wood while bringing peace of mind to those who care about creating a better environment. They can be distinguished from painted cabinets by their picture perfect distribution of satin smooth color on a sleek surface with optimum durability.


Laminate materials are featured on surfaces of doors, drawer fronts and overlay fillers with a integrated top coat that provides superior beauty, durability and performance while meeting or exceeding all of the KCMA performance standards. The core panel material is made of MDF to ensure a consistent and stable product.

Grain characteristics will vary across laminated parts to mimic natural wood grain patterns. A heat shield is required to separate all laminate products from heat producing units to be in compliance with cabinet warranty.